Sandia Additive Manufacturing Competition

Executive Summary

The goal of the Sandia Additive Manufacturing Competition is to encourage and introduce students to additive manufacturing. In addition, undergraduate and graduate students will have the opportunity learn about and network with Sandia National Labs. Furthermore, the competition will give students a chance to design, prototype, print, and test their final design. Students will be divided into teams led by graduate students. Each team will submit a design report on the problem provided by Sandia. Selected teams will be able to move to a manufacturing and printing phase of the competition. The Society of Manufacturing Engineers (SME) at UC Davis will help organize and conduct the competition. SME will help Sandia and students at UC Davis during the competition by organizing workshops, tours, or other events related to the prompt. During the span of the competition, with the help of Corporate Relations at UC Davis, SME will also provide tours of local additive manufacturing companies to encourage students in additive manufacturing. In this report, we have included the timeline for the Sandia Additive Manufacturing Competition with a short description of each seminar/workshop. We have also included an estimated costs for the competition including the cost of printing parts, prizes, and additional spending.

Prizes and Awards

Each student on the winning team will receive an Amazon gift card for $100. All participants get to enjoy dinner with the Sandia Engineers. 

2018’s Prompt

Many Sandia engineering systems require the protection of internal electronics and mechanical components. Energy dispersion is a crucial principle for these systems, and 3D printing allows engineers to develop innovative energy dispersing designs that otherwise could not be possible with traditional manufacturing. To simulate one of these systems, each team will design something that is readily familiar to daily life as a student at UC Davis: a bicycle helmet.  Follow this link to see the official prompt.

2018’s Results

Garrett Robertson (right) and Kevin Li  (middle) celebrate with Sandia Engineer, William Dannemann after successfully running their “Egg Scrambler” 


“Egg Scrambler” featured a large 3D printed spring and screw-on housing for the egg